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Thought Precedes Action

Discuss any challenge or opportunity with your socio-technical workflows during a one-hour virtual consultation with Ergonautic, for free. Connect with an Ergonaut and learn how we approach problems and solutions that move your organization forward.

We specialize in designing progressive transitions to optimize how the work flows through your organization. We focus on optimizing for modern application and platform architecture without disregarding the realities of your existing organization and portfolio.

Want to get off the buzzword treadmill and stop adopting rituals without clear benefit? Would you like a principled approach specifically tailored to your organizational capabilities and goals?

Drop us a note and we’ll tailor the conversation to help you learn more. We won’t get all the answers in one hour but we promise you better questions.

  • Where should you start?
  • How do you get leadership to buy in?
  • How do you get alignment across silos?
  • How should you approach modernization/cloud/transformation?
  • You have implemented Agile / DevOps / SRE / New Buzzword, that didn’t help, now what?
  • Where does architecture fit? What about security and compliance?
  • How do you validate when your new process is working?
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