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Ergonautic brings together technology experience, from fast growing startups to complex enterprise environments, with theoretical understanding and ongoing research. We understand you have unique context and tradeoffs. Get off the buzzword-of-the-day treadmill and work to be a better organization. Praxis makes possible.

Beyond Dev and Ops

In the last decade, Developers and Operations focused on improving software delivery. Organizations have made progress solving their DevOps puzzles, but improvement stalls without a holistic approach. Business drivers, product strategy, enterprise architecture, quality assurance, data science, security and compliance all impact the work to be done. Engage across your value streams to create unified purpose and understanding.

Modern Governance

Most DevOps implementations optimize for increased developer productivity and operational efficiency. The accelerated pace and the ephemeral nature of cloud resources often leaves security and compliance behind. Modern Governance solves the false choice between exposing the organization to risk or going faster. Go faster and safer with continuously audited and verified policy. No compromises.


Infrastructure, Platform, Software... as a Service? Cloud is defined by self service access to resources, but many organizations struggle to develop platforms fit for their purpose. Internal platforms are NOT a product to deliver but shared resources that needs to evolve with the mission. If you build it, they might run. Bring all the interests together and build with the collective for the collective.

How we work with clients

Our Services

We don't believe in one size fits all, but we believe there are a few good starting points.


  • Strategy Development
  • Capability Assessment
  • Strategy Deployment
  • Technical Leadership Mentoring


  • Modern Governance
  • Platforming Workshop
  • Leadership Offsite Workshop


  • Assessment
  • Mentoring
  • Consulting and Advisory
  • Custom Research


Our Work Process

Every engagement with our customers is unique, we use a simple process to guide exploring the possible.



Let's get to know eachother, and understand what kinds of problems you'd like to solve.



If there is a good fit between your journey and our experiences, we can engage in an extensive assessment. Our assessments create alignment, and understanding around a set of objectives spanning tactics, strategies and systemic goals.


Strategy Deployment

We can work with your teams to deploy tactics and strategies to unleash the potential of your system. We find many organizations have stores of locked up ROI just waiting to be potentialized by proper interteam dialogue and value stream based aligment.


Product and Platforms

Our industry is moving towards from Project to Product, and from Service Catalogue to Platforming. We can work with your teams to understand how to engage in these new ways of working together.


Our unique experience building technology organizations and communities helped define the last decade of IT. We help organizations navigate the complex technology landscape to become better versions of themselves. Agile, DevOps, SRE, Cloud, Containers, Serverless, leverage our expertise to get beyond the buzzwords and focus on the work. Let's define the next decade together.

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Andrew Clay Shafer


Andrew Clay Shafer evangelized DevOps tools and practices before DevOps was a word. Andrew focuses on evolving practices to make the most of technology investments. Having experience in almost every role in software delivery across two decades, he cuts through rituals to get to outcomes.

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Sasha Rosenbaum


With a degree in Computer Science, an MBA, and two decades of experience across development, operations, product management, and technical sales, Sasha Rosenbaum brings a unique perspective to optimizing the organizational flow of work, bridging gaps with empathy and insight.

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Kevin Behr


Best selling author of “Visible Ops” and “The Phoenix Project”, Kevin Behr has over 25 years experience delivering fit for purpose IT strategies, through a combination of research, leadership, architecture and management expertise. Kevin turns abstract metrics into pragmatic prescriptive guidance.

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Jabe Bloom


For 20 years Jabe Bloom has focused on connecting design with software engineering and operational excellence. Jabe is finishing a PhD in Design Studies at Carnegie Mellon. His research focuses on understanding how technology and organizations coevolve together to design more effective transitions.

Our Thoughts

Writing is the beginning of thought.

New Beginnings 2023

January is the month of New Years resolutions and soon-to be unused gym memberships. As a company, do you feel ready for 2023? Can you do an organizational pull up?

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DevOps de los Muertos

Organizations manifest undead DevOps issues as a result of systemic imbalance between the human and inhuman. On this night as various traditions creatively celebrate the cyclical relationship of life and death, we explore the relationship between the Social and Technical in our systems.

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Lifting Without Shifting

Too often organizations treat the Cloud as a destination. Make your cloud strategy’s focus the system of work, not just the where.

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We have a few things to say

  • Andrew Clay Shafer, Sasha Rosenbaum and Jabe Bloom on January 31, 2023
A High tempo security focused workshops from some of the industry’s finest. Learn to integrate security considerations into your organization’s overall strategy and measure the effectiveness of controls in protecting the value streams in language that the business understands


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