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How DevOps is evolving in practice


The Talk

DevOps Days Ghent 2009 was 13 years ago, making the DevOps movement a teenager.

During this moment in the evolution of DevOps, taking stock of “DevOps’ thought processes” and gaining a better awareness and understanding of some of the foundational and emergent concepts in the DevOps community, is critical in order to continue to make progress. DevOps began as a community trying to make sense of the relationship between Operational Excellence and Developer Productivity. How can we as a community embrace learning about how we learn and make sense of the concepts we’ve located, and how we better engage and nurture novice practitioners and concepts.

In this talk, Jabe Bloom explores what has gone well in this exploration so far, and he makes some suggestions about where we need to focus to move forward in the next 10 years of DevOps.

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