Domain Driven DevOps

For over a decade organizations have invested in various DevOps initiatives with a mix of success and confusion. Despite significant effort, few organizations have achieved their desired outcomes and some initiatives may have caused more harm than good. Add Continuous Delivery, Microservices, SRE, and Platform Engineering to the pile, like Agile and other transformation movements before, many organizations check an oversimplified box and then move on to the next wave, adopting practices without understanding or worse, adopting new vocabulary without changing anything.

This is a holistic interactive workshop on the principles that enable progressive and effective organizational alignment to make all the other marketing buzzwords possible. We will guide you through the process of understanding the flow of work through your organization and strategies for aligning business goals with technical capabilities. Using that understanding, we’ll identify constraints and opportunities to focus on the right work at the right time.

We’ll share a framework for organizing clear and appropriate responsibilities for software, platform and infrastructure with respect to leadership, product, development, architecture and operations. We’ll examine these capabilities through classic framing of Culture, Automation, Lean, Metrics and Sharing. You'll leave with a deeper understanding of the principles and preconditions that connect efforts to outcomes with actionable strategies you can apply even in traditional and highly regulated environments.

Attendees and Prerequisites

This training is appropriate for anyone interested in or working on delivering technology outcomes including practitioners (developers, operators, architects, product owners), technology managers and sponsoring executives. Ideally the training includes a cross functional cohort which can take the shared experience directly back to their daily workflow. The training doesn’t require specific technical skills but the context of specific technical experience can increase the relevance and benefit of the exercises.

Objectives and Outcomes

  • Individuals will gain deeper understanding of the pressures that created the DevOps movement and apply that understanding to the specific context with relevant practices expanded to development, architecture, operations and product management to deliver better technology outcomes.
  • Cross-functional teams will benefit from having a shared experience aligning each function with expanded understanding of the impact of their work on the collective outcome.
  • Practical strategies and tactics to help identify and prioritize opportunities to apply new approaches in their daily work with metrics to support the effort will be developed.